Not all Virgin Hair is the same


Is European Hair more expensive because it's the best?

Is Chinese Hair the worst type?

Is Indian Hair better than Brazilian?

Ok... it's time to clear up a few gray areas.

First, we believe that ALL types of hair from all people and regions of the world are gorgeous, beautiful and lovely.

Each types of virgin hair has certain characteristics that makes it more or less desirable from person to person. But you do NOT have to be European, for example, to use European hair. Brazilian hair might meet your needs.

We MUST generalize only to classify the hair products. These are in no way statements about any group of people.

Chinese and Malaysian Hair tends to be "weighty" with thick diameter, coarse strands. Indian & Brazilian Hair tends to be light and versatile, with many different textures to match the largest groups of people. European hair tends to be the finest with thinner strands. Of course, the characteristics vary from bundle to bundles because every person in the world is unique.

The prices are based mainly on supply and demand--NOT ethnicity. The more rare, the more expensive.

On some of our drop ship items, you will notice we only have an option to select Remy Hair that is made from either Indian Hair or Chinese Hair.

That's because all other types are generally less common and therefore more expensive, so our company will ONLY process remy in another type of hair for wholesale requirements. As you

might imagine, Remy European Hair could easily cost you 6x more than Remy Indian Hair, so it's a special item. If you need it, just let us know!


Natural Virgin Hair Vs. Processed Colored Hair

When it come's to commercial hair, here's the main rule you need to know:
If the bundle of hair has been chemically treated IN ANY WAY AT ALL -- it's Remy. If not, then, it's Virgin.

Remy hair is processed from its original hair color to match a specific designated color level. (Ex: #1 - Jet Black). We treat our hair to rigorous --yet gentle--pigment treatments and quality assurances to provide you with rich, dimensional color that will last shampoo-to-shampoo!

Virgin hair is available ONLY in the natural color, which tends to mainly be dark (Natural 1B-6) for various hair types. Our virgin hair is NOT colored. It is in it's natural state.

Of course, if you wish, you can later color Virgin Hair any way you prefer and, because it is fresh, healthy hair you can expect great, long-lasting results!