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  •  What makes Remy Cuticle Hair different from Virgin Hair?

Remy Cuticle hair is hair that HAS been chemically altered to have a particular color and texture. Hair that is classified as Relaxed Straight or Afro Spiral Curl, for example, would be considered Remy Cuticle hair. Processing is performed to make Remy Cuticle hair look feel and perform a certain way. You can still iron, curl and blow dry this hair, it is just processed to match certain specified hair types and colors.

Virgin hair is hair that just cut from someone, that is NOT chemically altered from its natural state. We do NOT perform any color or texture process on this hair. Whatever color it had naturally is what it will have when you get it. The hair will be categorized as straight, wavy, or curly, if that is the way it was in its natural state. This hair is thoroughly cleaned and deep conditioned using the Signature Process to ensure natural health and shine!


  • Will Indian hair match my relaxed, straight, wavy, or curly hair?

Generally, yes. Indian hair blends beautifully with various textures, including because of the medium density of the strands. They are not fine, but also not heavy or coarse. The hair can be colored to match your needs and its available in various 100% natural textures. Choose the BEST match for YOU! Everyone LOVES the way this hair holds a roller-set too! Try it for yourself!


  • Can I color Remy or Virgin Hair?

We strongly recommend that you seek professional services from a licensed cosmetologist who is experienced in coloring high-quality remy and virgin human hair pieces. Just like with your natural hair, any chemical process will weaken the hair and could cause damage. YOU MUST BE CAREFUL! You can also send us a sample and we can color match the hair for you. Contact our sales department via email or phone for more details.


  • How long will my hair last?

That depends on you! You can DEFINITELY reuse the hair and while some clients wear it for 4-8 months, others wear it for 1-2 YEARS! Take care of the hair by regularly cleansing and conditioning. You can lengthen the life of your hair by sending it in to us to also have a Revitalization service performed. Contact our sales department via email or phone for more details.


  • Can I use this hair for braiding?

Yes. Simply have your stylist cut the hair from the weft to make it bulk or loose hair. We do not sell the hair loose.


  • I'm not sure of which hair to get. Can I get samples?

Yes! We offer a Remy Hair Color Sample Ring and Texture Sample Ring. Order those items first, so you can make the best selections for your hair type & style.


  • What happens if I'm not happy with my order?

If for any reason, you are not satisfied, please let us know and we'll do our best to resolve the issue for you in a timely manner. We may be able to offer a exchange of product or issue credit. Just give us an opportunity to make you happy!

Your satisfaction is SO important to us and WE VALUE YOUR BUSINESS! Please understand, we will cannot accept returns of product that is not in original, resalable condition. We do not accept any chemical products for return or exchange. (See the Store Policy)



Have more questions? Contact Us! We're happy to answer all your questions to make sure you feel comfortable working with us.

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