FAQ - Dropship Hair

What is Drop Shipping?

If you have ever wanted to earn great money selling top quality hair extensions, but couldn’t afford the high costs to get started in this lucrative business -- then this is the PERFECT SOLUTION FOR YOU! Customers order from you, then we ship the goods directly to your customers and you earn profit!

How does the Drop Shipping Program work?

Step 1. Customers order directly from your internet website, catalog, salon, or store.

Step 2. You relay the order information to us.

Step 3. We process the order and ship it directly to your customers from our facility, BUT, the package ships with YOUR company’s return label and YOUR company’s packing slip.

Your customers will never know that our team is actually filling & shipping the order. And, you earn a wonderful profit without ever touching any inventory!

Who is the drop shipping PRO-ACCOUNT best for?

This program is ideal for qualified internet retailers, entrepreneurs who sell products via catalog or at home parties, small salons, and beauty supply stores, who cannot meet the large inventory requirements of wholesaling.

Do you accept everyone who registers for DropshipHair.com Membership?

No. Every effort is made to carefully screen all registrants, so that our DSH PRO-ACCOUNTS contains ONLY those people who are focused on building effective businesses and who share our goal of creating respectful, productive, synergistic business relationship.

While we gladly accept new start-up businesses, as a general rule, we only conduct business with Salon professional-minded individuals. Not everyone will like that and we understand...but when it comes to nurturing quality clients, there are no exceptions.

New accounts are evaluated after 1 month and again after 3 months by management for performance.

We encourage low prices and high standards -- including from ourselves most of all!

Do you accept international businesses for DropshipHair.com PRO-ACCOUNT?

YES! We ARE international & we currently supply several physical AND online retailers in the UK, Germany, Finland, Canada, Australia, Brazil, Nigeria, Ghana, South Africa, and other global destinations. Affordable & timely shipping options are available via USPS, UPS, and FedEx starting under $20 USD!

What do I get with my DropshipHair.com PRO-ACCOUNT?

All PRO-ACCOUNTS enjoy the standard features of our dropship program, like product images, easy 1-click private labeling options,  and HUGE discounts on superior, celebrity salon quality human hair.

PLUS, you'll get privileged access to our private Support Center where we share our updates, offer extra discount promotions, provide tips & advice, and give FREE access to educational webinars. Name ONE supplier that gives you all this! -- Bet you can't!

Our client are raving about the Suppot Center:

"We no longer carry branded hair, we have found your hair to be much better quality" -- Penny J., FL
"Thanks for the webinar on choosing hair extensions. It was really helpful for me." -- Kathy L., IL
"I got a really fast detailed response to my questions. Thanks." -- Charlie K., NC
"Thank you for helping me with downloading the product images.... they're awesome!" -- Nancy., NJ
"My customers are really impressed with the quality of the hair and so am I!" -- Simone S., CA
"I really appreciate your help with my custom packaging... It looks awesome!" -- Tiffany K., PA
"Just hit 5-figures in November and counting! Thanks a lot!!!" -- Erin W., TX

Do I have to purchase any inventory upfront?

NO! As an authorized drop shipper, you will NEVER need to buy any inventory before you actually make a sale. You hold on to your cash, and only submit an order to us when you make a sale from your customer!

How is the drop ship program different than the wholesale program?

In our drop shipping program, you never have to buy inventory up front and you do not have any per order minimum requirements.

In our wholesaling program, you are required to buy inventory up front and there is an initial order minimum of $2500 and $500 per recurring order minimums. Per item quantity minimums MUST be met. This option offers you our very best pricing and largest discounts so you make the biggest profit per item. Interested?

CLICK HERE to complete our WHOLESALE ACCOUNT application. There is a $45 non-refundable fee. Both programs have a very stringent business evaluation process, so approval & account activation typically takes 24-48 hours.

Once approved, you'll get your private log-in credentials via e-mail & can begin ordering immediately!

How much money can I expect to make in the drop ship program?

You can easily earn $25 -$180… even up to hundreds of dollars on the sale of just 1 of our most popular items. YOU SET YOUR OWN PRICES---  you decide how much money you make!

CLICK HERE to see a few income profit examples!

The results of each member will vary based on his/her unique experience & skill level. We supply & distribute high quality products, however, it is up to you to build & promote your own successful brand to generate sales. The are no guarantees of your success, monetarily or otherwise, and your ability to generate any profit relies solely on your own capabilities & business acumen.

So, how do I get started?

It's simple! Just sell to your customers (however you like -- your own website, social media as Facebook or Instagram, ebay, word of mouth, your online catalog for Hair / Wig parties, etc.), then submit the order to us, and we'll handle the rest!

What are the actual prices?

We can tell you that our dropship discount is roughly 30-45% off MSRP, but to get access to our PRO-ACCOUNT prices & for any more detailed information, you'll need to set up your own DSH PRO-ACCOUNT.